Sign caution Board Plain (As per Requirement )


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  • Signage’s caution wet floor/p, safety signage’s low duty
  • There are many uses and applications for safety signage’s and among more common uses are for warning caution and danger
  • Generally, this signage’s are place in high-risk area such as construction site

Caution board signs alert the public to the dangers of slippery, wet floors or other hazards that pose a safety risk, the bright yellow color easily attracts attention which is also easily noticeable. This plastic fold-out cleaning in progress sign is made from durable, heavy-duty plastic and is a bright yellow color to attract attention. The fold-out style is light and easy to put up quickly. It takes up very little space when not being used. Classic shaped wet floor sign is tall and easily noticeable. Essential tool for alerting your patrons where there is a wet floor.

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